Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Room Discoveries

Ok so as I said before with my new apartment this summer in Logan I have my own room and bathroom! This is really exciting for me because this is the first time in my ENTIRE life that I've had my own room and own bathroom. That's right back home I grew up with 5 other people fighting for the toilet! So I decided to blog about some of the new and surprising findings with having my own room.

#1- Being Naked. Yes for the first time I'm able to walk out of my bathroom straight into my bedroom stark naked. The first time I discovered this I decided to strut out of my bathroom naked and walk around my room about 3 times to make sure that I was ok with this new discovery, and you can guarantee that I was ok with this part of having my own room. I said to myself, "self, this being naked thing is going to be just fine." Back when I lived in a dorm I would wake up and shower before my roommate so when I needed to get dressed it felt like some kind of sport. I would give myself a little pep talk before hand to let myself know that everything's going to be ok and then the race would begin. I would have to be quiet as a mouse as I put those panties and the double boulder holder on. You don't realize how quiet the morning really is until you're trying to put your leg into that tiny panty hole. And it's even worse when you're trying to pull those pant legs up, it's so loud you might as well be jumping up and down on your roommates bed. Frustrating.

#2- Doing embarrassing things- When sharing a room you run the risk of embarrassing yourself more than needed. In your room who feel safe and you let loose. You do silly and embarrassing things. So when you want to sing into your hairbrush microphone and leap around your room to the sweet soothing tunes of Justin Bieber you can. But when sharing a room more than likely someone will walk in on you during this great moment and shoot you with their judging eyes until you feel so ashamed with yourself you just want to die. But now with my own room I can have my one on one time with the Biebster and not worry about those judging eyes! Hallelujah!

#3- Cleanliness- "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." Uh... not anymore in Nichole's room!! I can just throw clothes on the floor and leave them there for weeks and not feel bad at all!! Or leave stuff on my bathroom counter! Well I felt bad for myself today when I walked into my room and was slapped in the face with the smell of dirty. So I did clean my room:)

#4- Farting. Yes don't you dare deny that you just let them rip in your room. And if you do deny that fact then you should be karate chopped in the jugular! Because everyone does it! And just admit it... um you like it! Don't be ashamed, if you can't freely fart in your room then where can you? No where. And then you'd be distressed and grumpy all the time and then no one would want to be around you. Simple fact.

So these have been the greatest findings so far with having my own room and bathroom. Great eh? I'm going to soak in all of these new discoveries because I only get them for the summer and then it's back to the stresses of sharing a room!

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