Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The first

So here is my very first blog post! My wonderful roommates had such great blogs that it convinced me to get one! I'm new at this so don't be hatin if I do/ say something stupid k. Well it's the summer here in Logan and so far so good! My beautiful roommates are Hayley Jo and Sam! They are great! Sometimes I think we're almost too chill. I've decided that we're going to start planning our summer! So Hayley and Sam let's get crackin!! This is the first time in my entire life that I have my own room and own bathroom! It's nuts and a little lonely but i'm a tough girl I'll survive! Besides the adventures in my apartment, I'm working in the admissions office on campus. I love it! Right now it's pretty slow so I've thought of some pretty cool ways to entertain myself like; chaining paper clips together, or picking up metal from the magnet on the end of the stapler removers, or reading the felony charges from incoming students (don't worry it's all in good fun). Maybe someday I'll actually do what I'm supposed to but for now I'm going to keep peeping in on students personal information. (jk if I did that I'd get fired!) This last weekend I went to Bear Lake for a greek ambassador retreat. It was so fun! I love all the greek ambassadors and I think we'll all work pretty well together! My first day for recruiting at soar is this Friday and I'm a little nervous! But I get free lunch so whatev.

Oh this is just a stapler remover with a sweet magnet at the end... just wanted to illustrate what I use for my entertainment.


  1. Hahah OH EM GEEE I love this blog!! You are so dang funny I'm glad I get to partake of your humor every single day!! Love you baby dino!

  2. hahahaha oh nichole. why haven't you shared your staple removing magnet strategy with me? i had no idea! hahaha